Reconciling Humanity and Technology

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Task & Time Management That Works

I help remote professionals advance their career and find holistic success through Digital Mastery.

This means conquering digital burnout, stabilizing productivity, overcoming overwhelm, improving authentic connection online, and more!

I provide coaching, consulting, speaking, and training services to individuals and organizations seeking excellence and confidence in online endeavors. Let me know what that looks like for you!

Jaymes O'Pheron

Greetings friend, my name is Jaymes – Jaymes with a why. Iʼm here to help provide you precise clarity on why the change you crave in your life is not happening, and then what you can do about it.

As a certified coach I draw from my experience as a successful remote web developer, Toastmaster, and addictions recovery facilitator to help you develop the underlying relational skills necessary for finding liberty from burnout and implementing radical growth. My specialty is in dealing with digital burnout, disengagement, and volatile productivity for remote professionals.

We can transcend the obstacles presented by online environments and connect authentically!

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