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In addiction recovery, one of the most critical components of success is developing a strong support network. One of the most vital individuals in that network is your sponsor. If you try to pull yourself out of out-of-control behaviors on your own without the aid of a sponsor to walk with you along that rugged journey, you are asking for failure.

In my experience, and in all my studies, I have become convinced of a profound truth: lasting transformation never happens apart from community.

Not all of us are struggling with addictive behaviors. But all of us deeply yearn to be better, to be liberated from patterns of defeat and enjoy lives of purpose, impact, and productivity. We crave mastery.

That craving for mastery is rarely isolated to only one area of our lives. Personally, I want to be more fit, and I also want to become a fluent polyglot. Developing my coding skills further is on my list, along with historical fencing, ballroom and swing dancing, and more. I am ravenously curious about Orthodox theology, behavioral psychology, political science, history, and countless other topics. Sometimes it feels like I’m standing at the shores of a galaxy of rivers, wondering where I should start drinking.

But not all of those have the same priority in my life. I’m not going to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and hire a full team of professional experts to engineer my health regimen to raise me to Olympic fitness levels. However, I will invest in some books on the subject, dedicate time and emotional commitment to the habit of daily exercise, and partner with someone to help keep me on track.

Take a look at your life and your priorities. What levels of investment are you putting into each? Every aspect of growth requires some degree of mentorship and community in order to thrive, whether it’s simply reading books and taking notes, or joining an accountability group, or hiring a professional coach.

In the area of your highest priority, if you are going to take the necessary steps to get you to where you want to be, you will need to find a person who can:

  • Ask you questions you cannot ask of yourself, pushing you to think through your challenges and create solutions
  • Help you cultivate lasting inspiration rather than impose motivation on you from outside like a cheerleader
  • Co-craft your success plan with you, tailoring your goals and growth strategies to your unique circumstances, gifts, and challenges
  • Invest dedicated time in debriefing problems and wins with you so that you can maximize your learning opportunities
  • Provide a safe place for confidential venting of issues and concerns you encounter
  • Express sincere, unlimited confidence in your capacity to grow and reach your purpose, vision, and goals when you are feeling down and limited

If one of your areas of highest priority is becoming able to reliably connect and engage with others in any context -- both online and in person -- then I would be honored if you would consider me as a potential partner in your journey.

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